Anyone can provide instruction, assign tasks and supervise employees. Very few can do it successfully. Even some of the most experienced managers find it difficult to deliver their feedback with authority. Automation Personnel Services, Inc. shares four tips for managers looking to give feedback that employees will listen to and respect.

Set Clear Goals and Share the Results

Setting clear goals and sharing these results is one proven method used to motivate employees. This is a great way of letting your employees know exactly what is expected of them. It also gives them the chance to see real progress over the course of time.

It’s important to share any results, awards or recognition within a group setting. This should be done as soon as possible. It is useful when trying to express gratitude toward valuable staff members and when trying to open up communication in general.

Invite Employee Feedback and Promote Conversation

Providing feedback and instruction is only a small part of a manager’s job. Another part revolves around the feedback of others. Successful and proactive managers know how to get employee feedback without becoming personal or annoying.

The feedback or advice managers offer to their teammates should be delivered through an open-ended conversation that calls for their input. This kind of engagement between managers and their staff members can go a long way on increasing productivity across the board.

Demonstrate Interest in Their Career Success

Managers should also be showing an active interest in the ongoing success of their staff. Reporting on goals and inviting employee feedback are great strategies. For greater effect, have your managers provide samples and examples that their staff can use to increase their knowledge or skills.

Some managers even consult with employees on a one-on-one basis. This lets them develop a specific improvement or progress plan for each staff member. Sometimes known as a career path or trajectory, this outline is great when it comes to setting personal goals and milestones.

Finally, have your managers keep track of their team’s advancement. If any one member stands out from the rest, it might be time to offer them a promotion or pay raise.

Communication is the Key to Success

Communication is key when it comes to building relationships between managers and staff. By providing advice, listening to the feedback of your team and helping them achieve their own goals, your managers can improve the morale and motivation of the entire company.

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