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On May 10, 2016, The World’s Greatest television show announced it had selected Automation Personnel Services to be featured on an upcoming segment as the world’s greatest in the staffing industry.


“That’s the best birthday present I could have received,” said Leslie Nordness who was excited the news came on her birthday. Leslie, who is the Chief Marketing Officer along with her husband Stephen started the company 26 years ago just outside Birmingham, Alabama.

Automation staff members quickly began to spruce up for the big day of filming. The company brought on media consultant Malena Cunningham Anderson to help guide them through the process.


“We had just over 30 days to get ready for the all-day event,” said Anderson. “This national television exposure is the perfect opportunity to help tell the story of Automation Personnel Services and spotlight the founders as well as the great team that works hard to help so many people find great jobs. In addition, this recognition solidifies the company’s standing as a top-notch business that continues to grow nationwide.”

Automation Personnel Services chose to highlight the Birmingham office. It was truly lights, cameras, and action the day the film crew arrived to showcase the newly remodeled office. Each of the staff members got their chance to be seen on-camera.


In addition, the camera crew traveled to the headquarters in Pelham. A variety of meeting scenes were shot that included each of the company’s six regional managers.



It was also an opportunity for CEO Stephen Nordness to shine. The producers conducted a 30-minute interview asking a variety of questions about Automation Personnel Services and what makes it the world’s greatest.

“We are aware that there are thousands of staffing services around the country, what makes APS unique is the evolution of the company,” said Nordness. “It literally started as a company with no money, no experience just two young people with an idea that we could do this.”

The World’s Greatest camera crew arrived at 9:00 a.m. for the 8- hour shoot. Behind the scenes hair and makeup artists were busy getting everyone ready to look their best.

“It’s amazing to see all that goes into the production of this television segment,” said Leslie Nordness. “This was so much fun and we look forward to seeing how this all comes together.”


One of the highlights of the segment is the Start Up program which is a unique client service that Automation Personnel Services originated.

“Everyone has started a new job,” said Nordness. “We recognize the hardest time for someone to go to the work is the first day. We thought if we could be there to guide them…make sure they’re on time and properly dressed, know the right place to go, and be introduced to the right person it starts them off on the right foot to do their best.”

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