Taking advantage of a staffing agency or temporary service is a great way for an employer to fill the gaps in their workforce and supplement productivity as needed. While a growing number of enterprises are relying on a contingent workforce on a day-to-day basis, it’s important that hiring managers and recruiters work together in order to maximize the effectiveness of your staffing initiatives.

How To Work Effectively With A Staffing Agency

Understanding the primary benefits of working with an external staffing or temporary agency is critical to ensuring a smooth and successful partnership.


Once you understand the benefits of using a temporary agency, you can then open up lines of communication between your hiring manager and their recruiters. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, especially concerning the agency’s past success, employee turnover rates, hiring practices and future plans. Keep in mind, however, that communications do not end there. In order to work effectively with an external staffing agency, you’ll need to maintain communications on a regular and consistent basis.

Be Specific

Always be as specific as possible when communicating with an external staffing agency. They can only recruit employees based on the information that you’ve given them, so you will need to specify exact skills, abilities and technical proficiencies needed to fulfill their job responsibilities. Moreover, you will also want to provide information regarding length of employment, quantity of employees needed, performance expectations and even behavioral or personality traits. All of these standards can be set in order to ensure the effectiveness and cohesion between your enterprise and an external staffing agency.

Establish a Timeline

Not only is it important to establish a timeline with your staffing agency, but it is crucial that it provides the recruiter with an adequate amount of lead time. While any recruiter can assign an unskilled worker to a job, it can take some amount of time and research to find one that matches specific job requirements or skills. Establishing a timeline that gives an ample amount of lead time gives the recruiter a better chance to find that one employee who is perfect for the job in question.

Problem Solving

While some workplace issues may require your specific input, there are certain issues that can be resolved through your staffing agency. Reoccurring lateness or absentee workers can almost always be handled through the staffing agency, and some even take a proactive approach as a means of preventing common problems before they happen.

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