Since the automotive industry is known for its ability to adapt to new trends and technology, it’s important that workers within the sector maintain a comprehensive and multifaceted skill set. While the needs of a specific employer may change from year to year, there are several traits that are commonly considered when recruiting skilled workers in the automotive industry.


Candidates who have a strong grasp of information technology, particularly technology that drives manufacturing in the automotive industry, are also in high demand in 2015.  The role of automation and data driven operations are leading the way in lowering operational costs by managing enterprise resources to a level that was not available 10 years ago. Technical employees who know how to implement and leverage the data being generated by the next iteration of automated systems are an asset to any manufacturing organization that wants to lower its cost and control waste.

Change Leader

Given the constantly changing and ever-evolving nature of the automotive industry, many organizations want employees who demonstrate strong managerial prowess. More importantly than simply supervising and coaching peers, the role of a leader demands someone who is able to serve as a role model on a day-to-day basis by setting a positive example and ensuring productivity.   Organizations change due to a variety of external and internal forces, managers who know how to effectively communicate change in an organization are essential to maintaining productivity and quality thru an organizational change.  The open-minded, forward-looking employee is always viewed as an asset within a high-performing organization.

Problem-Solving Skills

Strong problem-solving skills are essential to nearly every role in the automotive industry in 2015. While common hardware is constantly evolving, this change often uncovers new and unforeseen problems that can only be diagnosed by a skilled and knowledgeable professional. Whether this skill comes from years of hands-on experience or a background of professional training within the automotive industry, the ability to think logically and take a proactive approach to solving everyday and unexpected problems is a highly desirable trait in 2015.  The tool that automakers desire most is your ability to communicate complex issues in written and oral scenarios.  Due to the complex nature of the manufacturing and assembly plants, a problem is rarely solved without the input of stakeholders from other areas of the organization.  The ability to effectively communicate technical information in the context of solving an issue is a GREAT asset in these large complex manufacturing environments.

Operational Analysis

The ability to analyze processes is an excellent trait to possess when targeting employment in the automotive sector.  Automotive companies need analytical-minded individuals who are able to assess situations through operational statistics as well as first-hand observations as a means of identifying and resolving issues in workflow, operations or productivity.  Professional training in Six-Sigma and LEAN methodologies is often viewed as a great asset for employees in the automotive industry.  Due to the large production volume associated with the automotive industry, the ability to recognize opportunities to save time and material is always on the radar.

Work Ethic

Due to the demanding nature of the automotive industry (large volume, fast paced and just in time sequencing), long hours and weekend work are part of the culture.  Employees that are geared towards the company’s organizational goals are often rewarded with long-term employment and opportunities for advancement.  The automotive industry rewards employees who love their work and are in lock step with company production, financial, and safety goals.  Automotive companies do a great job of separating the dedicated employees from the employees that are just doing the job.   Automotive companies have an unequaled pride in their brand and insist that all of their employees have a similar mindset.    The automotive companies will provide an environment that will allow you to show off your work ethic or allow you to find a job in another industry.


Employers are also looking for staff members who possess a strong understanding of workplace confidentiality. Because some projects in the automotive industry involve highly sensitive information, proprietary technology or otherwise confidential information, employers want to make sure their employees are able to contain company secrets. Previous experience in this area, either through information security or otherwise, can go a long way in advancing your career through the automotive industry.  If an employer asks you about proprietary information or confidential information, chances are they want to know how much you will divulge not what you divulge.

Industry Familiarity

The automotive industry isn’t a field for everyone, and employers want to make sure that they are hiring workers who are fit for the job at hand. Even if you don’t have first-hand knowledge in the automotive sector, industry-specific training or education can go a long way in instilling the basic fundamentals needed for many positions in the automotive industry. Specialized training or certification always looks good on a resume, but it is no substitute for hands-on experience and knowledge.

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