All new employees need time and assistance to get accustomed to their new work environment. However, the process for onboarding temporary employees can be more difficult to due to time constraints and other factors. Fortunately successful employers understand how to utilize the initial onboarding process as a means of easing a temporary worker into their quickly and efficiently.

Take Care of Paperwork Ahead of Time

Temporary assignments require workers who are able to start working immediately, so onboarding temporary employees needs be fast and seamless. Try to minimize the amount of initial paperwork they temporary workers have to complete at the worksite by using fillable PDFs or one of the many free online form builders available today that can completed by the employee at home. Not only does this reduce the amount of stress placed on your new staff, but it also ensures immediate productivity.

Clarify Their Role

It’s important to make sure that all of your new employees are aware of their exact role, but this is especially important when onboarding temporary workers. Make it clear from the beginning that they are being hired temporarily and how long the assignment will last. It’s also a good idea to detail any opportunities for a full-time position; if such positions may become available in the future.

Assign a Partner

Jumping into a new position can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if the assignment is temporary. In order to ease the process, pair temporary workers with a full-time partner. The partner can serve as sort of a mentor and can help assimilate a temporary staff member into the workplace culture.

Prepare a Workspace

Most full-time staff members have dedicated workspaces customized with personal belongings and family pictures. While it may be impossible to offer personalized workspaces for temporary employees, make sure that temporary workers at leatst have a clean workspace equipped with everything they’ll need to do their job successfully. Taking this extra step can go a long way in driving immediate productivity and making the most out of your contingent staff.

Maintain Communications

Your responsibilities don’t end once the temporary worker is on the job. Make frequent visits, including quality and safety checks, to all of your employees, temps included. Additionally, ask your temporary workers questions and listen to their feedback. Not only does this go a long way in making sure your contingent workforce is comfortable, but it also ensures they have the proper knowledge and skills needed for the task at hand. Finally, don’t be afraid to give praise when it is due. All workers, whether they are full-time or temporary, like to know that their work is appreciated by their superiors.

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