Although some job seekers are perfectly happy moving from one temp position to another, the majority of temporary employees have an ultimate goal of landing permanent employment. While the process of turning a temporary position into a full-time one is anything but standard or straightforward, there are some simple tips and tricks you can utilize in order to heighten the chances of landing that full-time spot.

Know Your Options

For the most diligent temporary workers, the process of transitioning into a full-time position begins before their first temporary assignment. Feel free to contact your local staffing agency and ask them specifically about the clients they work for. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the largest or most successful employers. You might even consider asking them directly about the potential of turning a temporary position into a full-time one. Your staffing agency may be able to direct you toward an employer that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Meet Your Co-Workers

Temporary employees tend to struggle more than permanent employees when it comes to meeting your co-workers. Many temps think that it’s simply not necessary, but this is not the case. In fact, meeting and getting to know your co-workers on a professional level, including the management staff, is critical to getting yourself noticed as a temporary employee in the workforce. Keep your name fresh on everybody’s lips, and you very well might land that promotion into a permanent position.

Avoid Absences

When trying to transition your temporary assignment into a full-time role, it’s important to avoid any unnecessary leaves or absences. While certain situations are beyond your control, and there are legitimate reasons for calling in sick or taking an absence, frequent or unexcused absences will certainly work against you. If you do need to call in sick or absent, make sure to talk to your manager and explain yourself in full. Your employer will appreciate the professional courtesy.

Fulfill Other Roles As Needed

As a temporary employee who is eager to prove their worth and secure a full-time position, it’s important that you never consider a task to be beneath your skill set. While the assignment may be menial, inconsequential or otherwise minor in nature, it’s important to show the same amount of initiative and motivation that you would when completing your regularly assigned tasks. Not only does this show a high amount of career dedication on your part, but it shows a willingness to take on additional work for the betterment of the team.  By understanding how your group or department is rated you can focus on activities that ensure your group or department is rated as high as possible,

Research the Company

Doing research on the company’s mission statement, their history and even their most recent news can go a long way in securing full-time employment. If possible, try to talk with your managers about the company history, their goals and how you plan to affect the company’s bottom line. Knowing such information, and having a clear understanding of your own career goals, will go a long way in showing your dedication and interest to the company. Effective managers will certainly take note of this when the need arises for full-time help.

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