Reentering the workforce after an extended period of leave, regardless of the reason, can be a tricky endeavor. When starting your new job hunt, it’s important to avoid blaming yourself for extended unemployment, and it’s critical that you avoid becoming defensive when asked about any gaps in your career. In addition, there are a number of other tips and tricks you can keep in mind in order to ensure a successful transition into the workforce of the 21st century.

Online Resources

The good news for those who have been away from the workforce for some time is that there are a plethora of online resources available to those who are looking for jobs. Whether you need help with a resume, want to speak with an area recruiter or even if you are just interested in starting off your job hunt, the Internet has plenty of useful resources for you to take advantage of.

Use Technology, But Don’t Rely On It

Many job seekers that have been away from the workforce for an extended amount of time are under the false impression that everything is now computer-based. While online job sites, social media outlets and classified ads can be incredibly useful resources when trying to land a job in the 21st century, there are still plenty of employers who rely on traditional forms of recruitment.

Adjust Your Schedule

It’s easy to break away from the normal work schedule once you’ve been away from it for a certain amount of time, and it can be quite difficult to readjust yourself to the routine once you’ve finally landed a job. As such, it’s important that you make an effort to begin the readjustment process as soon as possible.

Rewrite Your Resume

Although many facets of the resume have remained the same over the years, some trends have changed. It’s crucial to show that you are aware of any recent trends or changes, and this will likely involve, at least, a partial rewrite of your resume. When doing so, you can make up for any periods of unemployment by creating a functional resume. This type of resume takes the focus away from the chronology of your career and places it solely on your past experiences and most valuable achievements in the workplace.

Supplement Your Training

Individuals who have been away from their careers for an extended amount of time may find that specific certifications are no longer valid, certain degrees are no longer acceptable or additional training is now required. As such, you should always be eager to take advantage of any supplemental or recertification programs. Not only will this show your dedication to reentering the workforce, it will also ensure that you are equipped with the updated skills and knowledge required for the job in question.

Contact Former Employers

If you are still on good terms with a previous employer, don’t hesitate to contact them for any new opportunities. Even if there aren’t any jobs available, a previous manager may be able to put you in contact with other employers or resources in the industry.

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