As an employer that relies on staffing agencies to find employees, it is of the utmost importance that you are highly familiar with the ones who are in charge of filling the ranks of your workforce. Just because something works for another company or colleague doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be the ideal solution for you, so it’s important for you to make that decision on your own. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult with your peers, but you should consider their experiences in tandem with your own in order to make a completely informed and educated final decision on the staffing agency that is right for your company.

Industry Knowledge

The first thing an employer needs to know about a potential staffing agency is their knowledge within the light industrial sector. Just because one particular firm or another has shown a great deal of success in today’s workforce does not necessarily mean that they have experience in your industry, so ensuring their expertise should be your first concern when narrowing down the list of staffing agencies to choose from. Automation Personnel Services has more than 25 years of experience in growing offices throughout a number of states.


Uncovering the reputation of a staffing agency, including their presence within your industry of operations as well as their interactions with the surrounding community, can say a lot about a company. Thankfully, there are a plethora of resources that employers can use in order to gain further insight into a staffing agency’s reputation.

For starters, talk to any friends, peers or colleagues who have used that specific staffing agency in the past. Ask them directly about their experiences, whether positive or negative, and compare those to anything else you may have heard or read. Doing so may help you distinguish between blatant lies and truthful reviews. If possible, consult with those who have actually gained employment through the staffing agency. This will give you a clear idea of common turnaround times, turnover rates and more.

Next, perform a quick Internet search on the staffing agency in question. Take the time to visit their website, view any available postings they may have and, if desired, initiate contact with the agency via email or telephone. Doing so gives you the opportunity to state your intentions while simultaneously giving you some insight into the attitudes and capabilities of their own staff members.

Automation Personnel Services has won a number of staffing industry awards in the past decade, including being honored by Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the largest U.S. Staffing Firms.

Availability of Services and Accessibility of Facilities

Before making a final decision on the staffing agency that is right for you, it’s important to gain a deep understanding of all of the services they offer. Take the time to peruse their entire catalog of services and, if necessary, inquire about specific services and how they may be beneficial to your organization. Staffing agencies often offer additional resources and services, but the results of such services may not be immediately clear.

Finally, ask for a comprehensive and guided walk-through of the staffing agency’s facilities. An untidy or unorganized workplace should serve as an immediate red flag, but you should be careful when considering the size of the facility. Smaller staffing agencies can absolutely be as successful, if not even more so, than their larger counterparts.

Automation Personnel Services prides itself on all three of these points and continues to improve as a company to serve its customers better. To find technical jobs in the Southeast, contact us today and we will help with any of your needs.

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