Job layoffs can stem from a variety of reasons, and many of them have nothing to do with the individual workers in question. As such, it’s important to maintain a calm, professional and friendly demeanor throughout the layoff process. Those who act haphazardly or unprofessionally may find themselves burning bridges or damaging their own reputation to a point beyond repair. With that in mind, there are several tips and tricks you can use in order to maintain a good relationship with your previous employer while still keeping the motivation and desire to succeed in the long term.

Rewrite Your Resume

A sudden or unexpected layoff provides you with a great opportunity to rewrite and update your resume. For those who have held their previous job for several years, there may be a lot of new information, skills and achievements to add. These can go a long way in securing long-term employment in the future, and this is an opportunity that certainly shouldn’t be ignored.

Clarify Your Goals Moving Forward

Those who have held a position for some amount of time, especially if that position was gained right out of school, may find that they have a completely different set of career goals than when they first landed the job. As such, it’s critical that you take some time to think about both your past and future goals at this point in time. Doing so is a great way of gaining a clearer understanding of how to proceed with your career in the immediate future.

Adjust When Necessary

Sudden layoffs also give you the opportunity to analyze your own productivity and success up to this point. Taking some time to think about the events that led up to the layoff can help you determine what you could have done differently, if anything, and this can help you make the necessary adjustments needed to reach your full career potential.

Receive Additional Training or Education

A lot of full-time workers tend to put off training and higher education as a result of their busy careers, but a sudden layoff may offer you the time needed to receive such credentials. Moreover, the pursuit of supplemental training or higher education can be used to fill in employment gaps on your next resume or application.

Take Some Time Off

Sometimes you just need to take some time off to go on vacation, pursue a hobby or spend some time with your family. If you have a nest egg or savings to draw from, an unexpected layoff can be viewed in a positive light instead of a negative one. Using this time to re-energize yourself can work wonders for your motivation and determination when you finally do decide to resume your career.

Pursue Closure and Acceptance

If you find that a layoff has left you in a confused or agitated state, don’t be afraid to seek answers from your managers or co-workers. While they may not have the answers to all of your questions, opening up such lines of communication can go a long way in gaining closure and acceptance of the situation.

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