There is no denying that the employment landscape has been changing for the last 40 years due evolving employment law, and the impact on companies and employees has been felt.

The overall impact of the government regulations has created a safer and more cohesive work environment, but implementing new policies is often time consuming and expensive.

As new government regulations are implemented, companies and hiring organizations have little choice beyond implementing the systems and policies to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements of the new law. Often, the government policies and regulations do not include the details necessary to cover all of the different possible scenarios. Until the law is challenged in court, there is often speculation about how the enforcement and reporting will affect your actual onboarding process.

For a typical company, the impact of not complying with federal law can be anything from a warning to a large fine for violating federal employment laws. You don’t know until the laws have been challenged in court, and a ruling has been published.

When you are in the staffing industry and you are hiring hundreds of people a day across the country, the impact of violating employment laws can be devastating. For this reason, successful staffing companies will make every attempt to comply with the intent of the new policies and laws in an effort to ensure that they have protected the interests of their customers and employees. In an effort to keep the customers and themselves from engaging in bad or illegal onboarding practices, staffing companies typically ensure that they meet not only the letter of the law but also the intent.

Automation Personnel Services is one of the companies taking the extra step to ensure that they are following the laws and policies as they apply to employment law. Contact our great team today, and we will set you up with one of our staffing agencies throughout the Southeast!

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