Many jobseekers view staffing agencies solely as a place to secure employment. While Automation Personnel Services certainly does provide access to temporary, long term, and in some cases, full-time direct hire employment, we also offer services such as job interview preparation. Not only does this ensure your preparedness for your next interview, but it can help turn you into a more attractive candidate all around.

Understanding the Interview Process

It’s important that jobseekers have an understanding of the interview process before visiting a hiring manager. To this extent, Automation aims to provide a brief overview of each company in order to give insight into the company’s goals, vision, mission statement, and a simple view of daily operations.

Simply gaining some familiarity with the interview process, including what to expect from individual employers, how to relate to specific industries, and how to make yourself stand out among your peers, may be enough to jumpstart your future career.

However, since each employer conducts their interviews in a different manner, and because these methods are susceptible to change over time, individual jobseekers must remain diligent when performing their own research about the company.

Prepare Your Own Questions

Often, jobseekers view the interview process as one-sided. However, this is very rarely the case. Hiring managers and interviewers are almost always open to your own questions, comments and feedback. As such, try to prepare a list of questions beforehand. These questions can be derived from your own research or from a consultation with a professional at Automation.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to keep your questions relevant to the job and industry at hand. Asking concise and targeted questions is a great way to show your interest and motivation for the job in question, but questions that veer off-topic can actually do more harm than good.

Ideally, your questions should relate to the specific company you are interviewing with at the time. If you find it difficult to come up with questions for individual employers, at least maintain your focus on their industry. Questions relating to a company’s past success in the industry, their future plans and even their current operations are all great choices for those who are struggling to come up with their own questions for the interview process.

Through our job interview preparation services, Automation recommends the candidate write out 10 questions concerning the following points of interest:

  • the role of the department in the company
  • how the department is rated
  • the biggest challenges facing the department
  • the preferred method of communication (in person, email, phone)
  • Deliverables that are the responsibility of the role or the department

We stress these questions because the desire to know how the department operates within a company also provides insight into the objectives and expectations of an employee. Furthermore, we encourage that the company be the focus of the candidate’s questions and discourage questions focused on personal goals.

Future Development

Despite our best consultation and interview preparation services, we cannot guarantee placement with any given company. Our interview preparation services can help to instill a level of confidence and motivation that you may have been lacking. However, our interview preparation process will certainly help to refine your interview skills and develop a highly approachable and knowledgeable persona for future interviews and employment opportunities.

At Automation, our internal interview will be focused on discussing your qualifications and experience with respect to potential matches for employment. We strive to please our customers and provide employees who are a great match. Contact us today to work with one of the top staffing agencies in the U.S.

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