Imagine this scenario if you will: You spend your every waking hour chasing down job leads, turning in resumes and filling out applications, only to reach nothing but a dead end with no job and a mountain of stress when it’s all said and done. Does this sound like the nightmare job-hunting scenario or what? Unfortunately for some of us, the above scenario is all too real.

While it’s easy to become frustrated and discouraged, it’s important to remember that job opportunities rarely just present themselves. Instead of clinging to hope and relying on luck, the most proactive of job seekers will remain focused, dedicated and diligent until they land that dream job. With that in mind, there are a number of things you can do in order to bolster your chances of locating that next opportunity.

Use a Staffing Firm

Instead of blind luck, many job seekers choose to rely on the help of a dedicated staffing agency such as Automation Personnel Services, Inc. Given our 26 years in business, Automation has developed long standing relationships with a variety of businesses in the light industrial sector. Providing a variety of job opportunities for job seekers with many different skill sets.

If you do choose to go this route, it is always a good idea for you to maintain consistent communications with your staffing agency/Automation Personnel Services, Inc. Some applicants enter staffing companies thinking they can sit back and watch the jobs come pouring in. However, without the proper communication channels in place, it’s impossible for any staffing firm/Automation Personnel Services to know exactly what you are looking for or if you are still seeking employment. For more detailed information, refer to our recent post “Getting the Most Out of Working with a Staffing Agency.”

Contact All of Your Connections

Make sure that you are communicating with all of your possible leads and connections during your job search. You never know when or where that next opportunity might present itself. It’s crucial that you gain as much exposure as possible within your chosen industry. Friends, family members and even past co-workers or managers all have the potential to provide you with recommendations and leads regarding new jobs in your area of expertise.

Utilize Social Media & the Internet

Apart from your personal connections, make sure you are taking advantage of the resources and avenues that the Internet has to offer. Given the popularity of online social media, many job seekers are turning to online platforms as a legitimate and highly effective means of highlighting their career portfolio, expanding their professional network and securing new opportunities in the workforce.

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, provide a number of useful tools that allow you to search jobs in a particular area or industry, browse potential employers and gain connections to your peers within your industry. Some sites even allow you to post a digital version of your resume, which can be used to broadcast your most valuable achievements and skills.

Automation Personnel Services has focused on providing many tools for job seekers to find and easily apply for available opportunities. All of our job opportunities can be found on Twitter or Facebook and shared throughout other social media platforms. Automation has implemented a new career site which makes it easier to apply for available jobs. Once you Join our Talent Network, you will begin receiving emailed job alerts. This incredible tool will make you aware of available job opportunities within your surrounding area that match your skill set.

Automation – a Leader in Light Industrial Staffing Services

At Automation Personnel, we are a leader in light industrial staffing, including plastics and electronics manufacturing. Automation placements exceed our competitors. As one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., your job search will speed up by partnering with any of our 32 locations across 10 states. Contact our great team of recruiters today!

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