light-industrial-staffingGiven some recent trends in the industrial sector, Automation has seen many companies find themselves struggling to combat climbing turnover rates. While there isn’t any particular, surefire method you can utilize to tackle a high turnover rate, there are many steps to try and minimize turnover and increase your ability to retain valuable employees on a long-term basis.

Look for Specific Skills and Attributes

While it’s always a best practice to hire workers based on the skills needed to accomplish the job at hand, hiring managers should look at incorporating many factors to make improved hiring decisions. This act alone can help to reduce high turnover rates within your company.

Think about what leads to success at your business? Is it a quiet personality? Is it an extrovert? Does your business thrive with hard-working employees who value your training and education?

Analyzing your most satisfied employees, both past, and present can lead to improved future hiring decisions. Use the characteristics that led to success in your top employees and identify them in job seekers.

Make Your Employees Feel Welcome

No matter how hard you try, some employees don’t want to get involved in company culture. If their behavior affects the department, then management needs to address that appropriately. In a time of high turnover and a job market short of qualified job candidates, taking the time to improve that employees are better than the alternative.

For those who are open to incorporate into your company culture, Automation Personnel Services suggests that you encourage them by creating an environment where they feel at home amongst their co-workers and supervisors. Make yourself open to any questions or concerns they may have, and always respond to their feedback.

Avoid a basic or introductory orientation and instead, create an onboarding process. While you don’t necessarily have to lead this process, this is a critical step in connecting with new employees that serve to introduce new hires to their teammates, show them around the facilities and provide general instructions for their new job.

There are many other things you can do to ensure that all of your employees feel welcome. Simply providing a company newsletter can work wonders when it comes to keeping employee morale and motivation high. Organizing recreational activities or group outings is also an excellent way to promote teamwork amongst your staff.

Research and Understand the True Costs of Bad Hires

Employers should always take the time to do their research into the real costs of hiring bad employees in the 21st century. It’s important to analyze and assess the effect that bad hires have had on your company.

If management has a hard time understanding how turnover is impacting your business, add the cost of a candidate search to the revenue lost or decrease in productivity to demonstrate the value of a bad hire. While this can only be achieved through long-term monitoring and reporting, the results produced can go a long way in avoiding bad hires in the future.

Work with a Leader in Light Industrial Staffing

We know the management of your workforce is a strategic decision. Automation Personnel Services offers the option of direct hires or contingent workers. If you choose the Direct Hire route, Automation Personnel will recruit and screen qualified employees based on the criteria you provide. If you select contingent employees, the recruiting process is the same, and we are responsible for covering legal costs, etc.

Work with one of the largest staffing agencies in the U.S. to meet the employment needs of your company and contact Automation today! With 33 branch locations, we can help meet any of your staffing needs.


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