When it comes to occupational health and safety regulations, there’s certainly no getting around them. Nor would you want to, especially with the safety of your employees on your mind. With that in mind, Automation Personnel Services, Inc believes that it is important to be familiar with the essentials of these five occupational health and safety standards to minimize the overall number of incidents, provide information to the proper officials and avoid any fees for not following the guidelines.

Organization and Relationship Reporting

Publicize any critical information regarding internal or corporate-level occupational health and safety. Include details about your current staffing levels in regards to occupational health and safety, the department that your internal health and safety officials report to, and any participation by board members or director-level personnel. Any other company-specific details should also be noted.

Scope and Success of Internal Programs

Next, spend some time detailing the current occupational health and safety programs already in place at your company. Include information from all physical locations and facilities as well as staff members, third-party contractors, and suppliers.

You can also use this section to make note of any exceptions or limitations, such as partnerships, new acquisitions, divestments and more. However, you do not need to include this kind of information if it is already included within another internal report or audit.

Ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Management

This area can provide insight into any internal health and safety management systems that are currently in use at your company. State whether you have adopted a national, standardized system of management or a unique, customized system of your own. Some of the most popular standards in occupational health and safety management within the United States include the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program, ANSI / AIHA / ASSE Z10-202, OHSAS 18001 and more.

Program and Performance Auditing

The final section of your report is used to describe your internal auditing processes regarding the structure, efficiency and performance of your internal health and safety programs. In most cases, internal audits can be performed by employees or third-party professionals, as long as they are knowledgeable in the audit and inspection process.

Various performance indicators can be used when auditing the performance of your internal occupational health and safety programs, including the amount of hours lost due to injury or illness, the frequency of employee absences, the overall percentage of illness, and much more.

Optional Items

Occupational health and safety reports can include a number of optional items, too. Forecasts and timelines for improvement can go a long way in promoting organizational visions, while investments can be divulged in order to bolster your public image. Even the actual participation by your staff members, as well as the amount of training they have received, can all be included in the report.

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