The staffing industry is a people business. Automation Personnel Services, Inc. believes that relationships between the staffing agency and their job seekers, as well as their employer-partners, is critical to the success of any staffing firm. With that in mind, it’s important that we pay attention to the little details in order to be successful in the industry. Doing so efficiently and tactfully is what sets apart Automation Personnel Services, Inc. and defines the most successful staffing firms. Here are a couple of ways Automation Personnel Services focuses on the little things that make a big impact on both our customer and client satisfaction.

Establishing and Promoting Your Company’s Culture

While company culture is now more important than ever before, most staffing agencies have a tendency to shy away from establishing or promoting their own culture because temp agencies often represent multiple clients. On one hand, this makes perfect sense; especially considering the nature of the industry.

However, it’s still important to maintain a strong sense of corporate culture amongst your actual employees. Human resources managers, administrative personnel and even entry-level office workers can all benefit from a clear and consistent corporate culture.

Fostering Valuable Employee Experiences

It’s also important to make sure that your employees are benefitting from valuable experiences on a day-to-day basis. Nobody wants to be stuck in a boring or monotonous job, so it’s critical that you take steps to deliver and foster valuable experiences on behalf of your employees. Not only will this affect your company’s productivity and bottom line, but it could even have an effect on your company’s reputation over the course of time.

With that in mind, take some time to get to know your employees. Make sure that they are comfortable while doing their job. Remember; A comfortable worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is a productive worker.

Reviewing Performance and Communicating With Staff Members

Make sure to monitor and review the performance of your employees on a regular and consistent basis. This goes for your newly hired employees just as well as your established staff members. If you sense any difficulties or shortcomings, don’t hesitate to address such issues. Doing so could help you reverse any negative trends and ensure that your entire workforce is at their maximum potential.

Weighing and Prioritizing Responsibilities

As you can see, the little things truly do matter in the staffing industry. However, the most productive and successful staffing agencies can weigh the little nuances alongside the major commitments, goals, and targets of their company and the needs of their clients. Doing so effectively, while a challenging endeavor, might very well mean the difference between striving in the staffing sector or playing your expertise elsewhere.

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2 Responses to “Why Do Little Things Matter in Staffing?”

  1. casey bradley

    I have worked for automation personal services..they do not pay on time or answer or take care of your pay right..I was sent a replacement card to my job ..told my pay was on it..and went to activate the card and no pay on this global cash card..I called the this global cash card company..they have no record of a deposit.I can’t get anyone at personal services to answer my txt or calls to help me or take care of this matter..very displeased..and wondering if I will even get paid..will turn an attorney soon.

    • amandac

      Hello Casey,
      Payroll Authorization Department in our corporate office has looked into this issue and reached our to your branch to double check the account/card information is correct. It appears the account listed in corporate is not the same account listed in global cash. We are looking into this further. Please expect a call from a representative in the Memphis branch today.