You’ve spent hours writing and refining the perfect resume. Maybe you’ve even passed it along to a friend for their critique. Despite all the time you’ve invested in the document, it’s still not drawing the attention you feel you deserve. If this scenario sounds all too familiar to you, it might be due to some immediate red flags that are hurting your chances right from the start. Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., helps job seekers avoid red flags on their resumes with four easy-to-follow tips.

Incorrect, Illegible or Unprofessional Email Address

While modern trends state you should always include your personal email on a resume, use an email address that is simple, easy to read and professional. Avoid using an address that is going to hurt your chances of landing a job. To this extent, make sure to

avoid using slang terms, curse words or any reference to illicit or illegal substances, as these are bound to disqualify you from the role in question. Finally, double-check your spelling for accuracy because a simple typo could result in a hiring manager not being able to contact you.

Unexplained Gaps in Your Work History

Although career gaps are not inherently a negative, unexplained downtime will certainly be seen as a red flag. Most employers are understanding of absences due to personal illness, private family matters or while pursuing your education, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hiring manager or staffing agency that is sympathetic to a lazy or unmotivated individual. Even your temporary jobs can be used to explain large or frequent gaps on your resume.

With that in mind, it’s critical to address any gaps in your work history. This can be within the resume itself or during the interview process. Either way, explain any absences in a manner that is truthful, accurate and complete. Anything less could very well lead to you not getting the job.

Lack of Certifications or Education

Employers and hiring managers love to see candidates who are proactive, motivated and knowledgeable. To this extent, it’s always a good idea to draw attention to any certification, accreditations or specialized training you have. Apart from showing your desire to succeed, such training or certification could lead to bigger and better opportunities down the road.

If you don’t have a college degree or any professional accreditations, it’s still important to show the recruiting offices that you do possess a basic level of education. As such, you’ll want to list the details of your high school in place of a college or academic institution.

Too Cluttered or Overly Wordy

Avoid submitting a resume that is cluttered with content or too wordy. Remember, the point of the resume is to show off your relevant skills and achievements as opposed to detailing every single task you’ve ever completed.

Finally, leave large enough margins for a potential employer or hiring manager to take their own notes. This is often done when filtering out applicants. Standard resumes of today usually have a margin of one inch across the top, bottom and sides, but margins that are slightly narrower or wider are also acceptable.

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