Onboarding new employees can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. The issue is only compounded if your company maintains an elevated turnover rate. Fortunately, proactive and determined hiring managers can take some steps to deliver successful orientations, minimize downtime and make the most of the entire onboarding process.

Reducing Staff Turnover

Employee turnover is a big problem in today’s workforce. In fact, some reports indicate that nearly one-third of all newly hired employees leave their positions after a period of six months. This is true for both permanent and temp jobs. With this in mind, it’s safe to say your business is not the only one that suffers from this problem.

There are some things you can do to minimize staff turnover and reduce your onboarding costs at the same time. Automation Personnel Services, Inc. encourages offering competitive wages and benefits, eliminating mandatory overtime and recognizing the contributions of your new hires. These are all great strategies to use when trying to bolster employee morale, dedication, and loyalty.

Keeping New Hires Engaged

While this may seem shocking to some, recent studies have shown that approximately 88 percent of U.S. workers aren’t passionate about their current jobs, which results in more than $500 billion in annual losses on behalf of our nation’s economy.

As you can see, it’s critical to keep your new hires interested and engaged in their job. This is true with entry-level jobs that require menial work or laborious tasks on a daily basis. Despite the troubling statistics above, there are some strategies you can utilize when trying to jumpstart employee engagement and productivity.

For starters, try to make your new hires feel at home right from the start by introducing them to their teammates and peers, showing them around the premises and fielding any questions they may have. Maintaining transparency regarding the nuances of your enterprise is another great way of building employee trust, helping them feel comfortable and keeping them engaged.

Preventing Wasted Time

Staff members who waste time are neither productive nor valuable to an employer or recruitment agency. Not only that, but a slacking employee can actually bring down the motivation, morale and productivity of their peers. With this in mind, it’s crucial you address such issues and, if necessary, take the appropriate action to rectify the problem immediately. Anything less will ultimately result in more wasted time and as a byproduct, additional money out of your pocket.

Go Digital!

In the 21st century, companies are embracing technology more than ever before. From software solutions to online resources, modern IT can be a boom to the costs associated with onboarding and orienting new employees.

Some companies have even reached out to third-party staffing agencies like Automation Personnel Services. By outsourcing some of the orientation processes to a company that utilizes technology on a day-to-day basis, you’re able to divert your time and resources to other areas of the business. Moreover, you’ll be able to cut down on some of the operational costs associated with the hiring process in general.

Work With a Leader in Light Industrial Staffing

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