Trust is crucial in any relationship, including the ones you maintain with your peers and employees. Not only will it lead to greater stability and solidarity within the workforce, but it can also facilitate improved productivity, greater industry recognition, and long-term success. With that in mind, Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., shares five tips for manufacturing managers to gain the trust of their employees next year.

Transparency is Key

Perhaps more than anything, today’s employees want to know what’s going on behind the scenes. The majority of them would also be eager to provide their input when it comes to making important business decisions. While it’s obviously not feasible to include them in every assessment, keeping them abreast of any breaking news, announcements or rule changes is a great way to promote transparency right from the start.

Get to Know Your Employees

Employees want to feel a sense of connectedness with their supervisors and managers. By getting to know your staff members on a personal level, you’ll gain a much better understanding of their strengths and weakness both within the workplace and beyond.

can this result in the loss of a valuable worker, but it could also put a permanent dent in your reputation.

Support Your Team

Employees want to be sure their supervisors will support them when necessary. Unmotivated, bored or struggling employees can often be turned around with a little bit of coaching and support, so it’s critical you make your presence known and offer a helping hand as needed.

You can also build an internal network of support among your staff members. By relying on their peers as well as their managers, your employees will find it easier to resolve personal conflicts, troubleshoot operational issues and maintain their morale over a long-term basis.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Finally, make sure to give your employees the proper credit for their individual and team-oriented achievements. Don’t just do this in a private setting. Try to give them public recognition when appropriate. Not only will this fill the employee with a strong sense of pride and satisfaction, but it also illustrates them as a benchmark for success within your organization.

Building and Maintaining Trust

While the process of building trust is straightforward, and in some cases rather simple, it’s not always easy to preserve that trust over a prolonged period. Professional dependability is one of the most effective strategies a manager can take when trying to develop a team that values hard work, accountability, and cooperation.

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