Bringing over 26 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry, Automation Personnel Services operates 33 offices in 10 states, by providing custom solutions to meet the specific staffing needs of their clients. This practice has earned Automation Personnel Services the Best of Staffing Award for two consecutive years based solely on their clients’ satisfaction of their staffing services. Client satisfaction comes from a foundation built on customer service based on the evaluation and understanding of the client employer’s needs and their applicant’s skills and abilities to best match both factors.

Automation Personnel Services conducts on-site assessments of their client’s facilities to gain a grasp of specific needs and expectations of each position they fill. This allows Automation Personnel Services the opportunity to create tailored employment programs specifically for the client.

To ensure that employers are provided the right labor for critical roles, Automation requires job seekers to undergo a skills evaluation and testing procedure during the interview process. Employee testing is tailored to the needs of the employers, to evaluate applicant skill levels and determine where job applicants may have gaps in knowledge. In doing so, Automation Personnel Services ensures that all employees they provide to a client are matched based on their skills, abilities, and the employer’s specific hiring requirements.