With 33 offices throughout the United States, Automation Personnel Services works with employers and job seekers to help match qualified personnel with roles in an array of industries, including textiles, automotive, and manufacturing. In addition to undergoing an interview to determine their suitability as employees, each job seeker is screened by Automation Personnel Services to allow for better matching of candidates to employer job criteria. If you are a job seeker, here are some mistakes to avoid during the interview process.

  1. Neglecting to research the people you will be interviewing with, and the company you apply to beforehand shows that you do not care about the role. A sound strategy is to look for recent news to find information about projects the company is working on, while also figuring out how your skills can help the employer grow.
  2. Speaking negatively about a previous employer is considered more a reflection on you than it is the employer. Remember that an interviewer is assessing your personality as well as your skills and may choose not to hire you if you come across as disruptive or unable to follow instruction.
  3. Failing to pay attention to the reactions of the interviewer to your answers demonstrates that you are not engaged in the interview process. Look for body language as an indicator of how well the interviewer is receiving your answers and try to make adjustments as necessary.