Some people view roles in the manufacturing industry as dead-end jobs that are boring, tiresome and stressful. However, there are actually some parts of the manufacturing industry that can make it an awesome career. Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., outlines the top four benefits that show manufacturing is an awesome career.

Supports Millions of Jobs

The manufacturing industry currently supports over 18.5 million jobs, which has a huge impact on the lives of many U.S. workers. Entry-level jobs in the industry can be given to employees with little to no higher education, which makes these positions great for people looking for their first jobs.  This makes the manufacturing industry a great option for the new generation entering the workforce.

Even management positions are sometimes made available to those without extensive or specialized training. Proactive managers have begun offering on-site training classes for employees that can lead to increased responsibility and higher pay.

Good for the Economy

Recent reports show that every dollar spent on manufacturing leads to $1.81 for our economy. As you can see, the manufacturing industry is certainly adding more to the growth of our country and its citizens. Manufacturing is by far the most important sector of the U.S. economy in terms of total output and employment.

New Career Opportunities

Manufacturing also offers a number of new career opportunities. With manufacturers specializing in every product, it’s not difficult to find an employer that matches your interest.

Working in the manufacturing industry can even lead to new and exciting opportunities. As factories, plants and warehouses continue to upgrade their technology, the day-to-day work involved in these locations will change, and demand for new skills and career opportunities become available.

Making a Real Impact

Finally, the manufacturing industry is said to have a real impact locally and nationally. With local warehouses providing communities with jobs, new real estate and population growth, neighborhoods who bring manufacturers receive a lot of surprising benefits.

On a national level, the manufacturing industry accounts for nearly 10 percent of the US workforce. If we were to eliminate every one of these jobs or even half of them, the results on our economy would be enormous.

American manufacturing is, in fact, a success story and it is not a story approaching it’s end. Since the 2008 economic recession, the United States led the world in job growth and rise in manufacturing value added input. Moreover, the United States ranked third in manufacturing exports in 2008, behind only China and Germany and ahead of Japan and France.

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