As a manager, you can set the tone for your team on a day-to-day basis. Just as any of the achievements of your group can be accredited to you, so will the shortcomings or setbacks. While an energetic and highly motivated manager will almost always set a positive example, managers who are boring and don’t bring positive energy to the job site will have a negative effect on employee morale and production. Automation Personnel Services, Inc., one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., explains how your employees learn and respond to the positive actions of their managers.

Get to Know the Different Roles and Responsibilities of Your Peers

Proactive managers will always go out of their way to become familiar with the different positions and roles of their team members. As the manager, you should know what jobs your employees have but try to really understand what they experience on a day-to-day basis.

Use your experience as a manager to relate to each of your employees. Think about the unique personality of each employee and what matters to them. Does that employee remind you of a previous employee? Share what made them successful and what didn’t work for them. Learning how to relate to each employee individually will show you really care about their success.

Gain Their Trust Over a Long-Term Basis

Trust isn’t something that is gained overnight. In fact, developing trust with your employees can be difficult, especially when you hire temporary staff. Temporary workers might be working different jobs all of the time, so they don’t have any loyalty. As a manager, your challenge is to earn their trust, and one of the easiest ways is to have them walk into an awesome culture right from the start.

Managers will typically see an increase in performance and productivity as their team’s trust starts to grow. How can you continue to maintain your team’s trust? Be an active part of the team.  Sitting behind your desk with a closed door won’t do anything to earn the trust of your team as they won’t feel like you are one of them.

Also, listen to their feedback about the parts of their job they like and dislike. Find out if there are any personality issues in the department causing tension between employees.

Show That You Care About the Members of Your Team

As a manager, it’s critical to show team members that you truly do care about their opinions, their health, and their career goals. Inquire about their short and long term career goals so that you can provide the necessary development to help them get there.  If they have an idea, listen to them and give it serious consideration. Thank them for the suggestion and follow up later with your feedback.  When an employee expresses frustration or concern, address it immediately. Make sure that they know you are taking appropriate action or give an explanation as to why you can’t meet their needs.  Get to know your employees on a personal level, pay attention to their attendance patterns and keep the lines of communication open to ensure they aren’t getting burned out physically and emotionally. 

If employees deserve to be recognized, find the right way to acknowledge them publicly. While you don’t want to reward the same employee all of the time, you have to be fair and reward people who deserve it. Everyone doesn’t deserve the same amount of public recognition but find ways over time to publicly recognize something about each employee.

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