light-industrial-staffingYour company’s mission is the heart of what your company represents. Its core beliefs, standards, and branding are all tied together through your corporate mission. Beyond your mission, its company values, ethics and sense of responsibility that will set you apart from the others. Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., shares tips for companies looking to develop their company culture and get their employees to stand behind their company mission.

Building Your Culture

Developing a strong culture should be the priority of every company, regardless of industry. Your company’s culture can be used as a benchmark to measure the success of your employees, strengthen their sense of morale and even promote a stronger community between teammates.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this. On-site bulletin boards and signs can be used to enforce any strict rules or standards, while email blasts and social media posts are a great way to keep the topic of workplace culture fresh on the minds of your employees.

Prioritize Service

Make sure your employees maintain focus on day-to-day productivity and quality. Whenever possible, avoid bogging them down with workplace politics or industry rumors. Those who are in public-facing roles, including secretaries, office staff, sales reps and even some warehouse or factory workers, should emphasize customer service and courtesy above all else.

“Automation Personnel Services works hard to make customer service a priority, and we are proud and honored to be recognized again in 2017 for our efforts in this way,” says President and CEO, Stephen Nordness.

Embracing Change

A good leader knows change is a part of any executive role. The ability to adapt to new situations, react on the fly and embrace new trends, are three key traits that will set your star managers apart from novice supervisors.

When it comes to maintaining your company’s culture, the ability to adapt to change and embrace new opportunities is even more critical.

Collecting advice and feedback from your internal staff who know the influences of the operation can be your greatest asset when making changes. It’s important to involve as many of your company’s leaders, and in some cases, employees, to understand how a trending resource or event might affect the entire team. Not only does this let you plan accordingly, but it lets your staff know their input is always appreciated and promotes a company culture of value, honesty, and pride within your team.

Maintaining Consistency

The ability to maintain consistency throughout all aspects of your company’s culture will go a long way in marking your status as an industry leader. Whether you’re working with investors or partners, closing deals with suppliers and distributors or communicating with the general public, it’s this consistency that will drive your success in the industry for years to come.

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