Although it has the potential to be a worthwhile career choice, the manufacturing industry has a reputation as a boring, tedious and dull profession. The ever-growing Skills Gap explains why many manufacturing owners are struggling to maintain quotas and meet project deadlines. In a national effort to mend the gap, it’s crucial to show the exciting side of the manufacturing industry. It could mean the difference between working with a full staff and loss in productivity. Automation Personnel Services offers four easy strategies for presenting manufacturing operations as an exciting career choice.

Advertise New Factories, Properties, and Equipment

Company brochures and visual aids are a great way of providing information about your company. Showcase any new factories,  properties or recent equipment purchases you may have. There is a great appeal to job seekers to work in a top of the line facility that embraces new technology and growth.  Most people want to work in an environment that is as clean and safe as possible. Use your company literature and promotions to highlight these qualities to the fullest extent.

You can also organize open houses and factory tours. Not only is this a good way to build relationships within the neighborhood, but this strategy can also be used to show off any new technology or equipment on the floor and promote new job opportunities to your community.

Highlight Flexibility and Technology

Today’s workers also want some amount of freedom and flexibility on the job. This is why it’s helpful to show off the different shift opportunities available at your company. Even if you only have entry-level openings available, don’t hesitate to mention the possibility for advancement and training for licenses or certifications. Describing some of these jobs, as well as the associated pay and benefits, works wonders when trying to fill open roles and helps to encourage potential employees to set career goals. It’s also a great strategy when prepping workers for executive positions.

Modern automation systems and robotics are a great way of connecting with the new generation of job seekers. As many of them are already interested in similar technology, they’re more likely to join your team than someone who isn’t so tech-savvy.

Offer Hands-On Training

In order to avoid limiting yourself to interviewing workers who already have specific abilities, offer hands-on training. Proper training is necessary when trying to do any job correctly. Always brief your new hires on the fundamental skills needed for their daily activities.  Training individuals on specific techniques also gives you the chance to develop their skills to your liking and steer their future career path within your company.

You’ll also want to consider advanced training and education. Giving your most valuable staff members the tools and knowledge needed to succeed as managers, is a great way to show trust in your employees and reward their hard work.

Cater to Active Job Seekers

As you know, manufacturing really is an exciting and important industry for our economy. It may be difficult to express this to entry-level employees and those who are new to the workforce. However, it’s a critical step in maintaining a healthy, motivated, and productive workforce for decades to come.

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