Interview-QuestionsThe interview process can be a daunting event. Even a run-of-the-mill interview can be ruined by excess anxiety, unnecessary stress or over-thinking. While it helps to rehearse your potential responses beforehand, make sure you are putting time into the right questions to begin with.

Can We Trust You?

Many manufacturers deal with confidential information. Whether it’s keeping a proprietary design away from competitors or a project that involves special clearance from the government, it’s important that manufacturers can trust every one of their employees.

As such, don’t be offended when you’re asked this question during your next interview. They’re not singling you out or accusing you of anything specific. It’s simply a standard inquiry that is asked of every applicant.

Are You Reliable?

Employees who show up on time, complete their scheduled shifts and accept overtime tend to be few and far between. If you possess these qualities, a question like this really gives you the chance to shine during the interview.

Do You Have Past Examples?

Interviewers love it when candidates provide examples of their past achievements. This could come in a variety of forms and could encompass anything from a few simple statistics to a miniature model of a product you designed.

Give real-world examples that illustrate your reliability, work ethic, and safety record whenever possible, both during the interview and on your resume. Feel free to call upon past job experiences that paint you as a valuable and productive staff member. You’ll have to be good at selling yourself to do this, but it can mean the difference between landing that next job and continuing your search elsewhere.

How Do You Address Mistakes?

Hiring managers understand humans make mistakes. They are human too, after all.  You should be prepared to address questions like this with an answer that is as straightforward and honest as possible.

When an interviewer asks this question, what they’re really trying to do is gauge your honesty, integrity and work ethic. Do you immediately report the mistake to the shift supervisor, or do you take responsibility yourself and rectify the issue? Open-ended questions like this give you plenty of opportunities to highlight your personal values.

Practice Makes Perfect

While it’s important to take the time to research potential questions and rehearse your answers prior to the interview, you’ll want to avoid coming off as too generic or predictable. Employers of today are looking for candidates who can think independently, work with little direct supervision and collaborate when called upon. Illustrating your ability to cover these areas can go a long way during the question-and-answer phase of your next manufacturing interview.

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