Stephen Nordness founded Automation Personnel Services with an emphasis on diversification. If you hope to follow suit, the first step to diversifying your workforce comes in the initial interview. Not only does this give you the chance to find qualified applicants, whether they’re sourced from temp agencies, staffing agencies, or traditional means, but it lets you add your own filters in the interest of diversification.

Manufacturers tend to take a standard approach to the interview process. After all, there is a specific skill set and background that’s useful in the field. In fact, many of the temp jobs listed with Automation Personnel have many of the same requirements and day-to-day responsibilities. This is fine if you’re trying to fill a role as quickly as possible, but it does little for diversification.

Instead, Automation recommends you diversify your own interview style. Apart from giving you the ability to keep the interest of applicants from all different backgrounds, this also spares you some of the boredom of hosting multiple interviews on a daily basis.


This approach is helpful when trying to determine how a recruit or applicant might react in a specific situation. You’ll have to do some research to generate some relevant questions, but this strategy can go a long way in finding qualifying candidates and modifying your style to fit each one.


Similar to the behavioral approach, the competency-based interview focuses on the interviewee’s work ethic, sense of morale and attitude toward life in general. While standard interviews focus on workplace achievements, the competency-based approach isn’t so limited. Feel free to get creative with your questioning in order to match each specific recruit.


The above two strategies both involve questions and answers regarding recent scenarios that actually happened. Conversely, the situational approach usually involves hypothetical questions or inquiries into the past. Full-time and temporary workers typically appreciate the situational interview format as it gives them the chance to get creative and think on their feet.


Another approach involves interviewing multiple candidates at once. This is the ideal solution when you have too many qualified applicants and too few job openings. It’s also useful in entry-level roles that tend to experience high employee turnover rates, as it spares you the trouble of having to spend time with each and every employee that walks through the door.

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