Some temp-to-hire applicants, especially those who are new to their field, tend to explain every detail about every job they’ve ever held. Not only does this take up your time as well as that of your interviewer, but it’s simply unnecessary. Instead, you should be focusing on specific skills that are relevant and useful to the job at hand.


While there are some jobs in manufacturing that lend themselves to independent workers, much of the productivity is a team effort. Automation Personnel Services understands the need for clear and consistent communication in the workplace, and we try to stress that importance in all of our recruiters, candidates, and partners.

Take some time to demonstrate how you’ve been able to communicate effectively in your past roles. If possible, explain how this resulted in greater productivity, teamwork or morale. This gives any temp-to-hire recruiters the ability to determine the impact you might have with a company in the future.


The 21st century is all about motivation and getting things done. While past generations might have squeaked by quality control audits and productivity goals, manufacturers of today maintain higher standards than ever before. Some aren’t satisfied with those who simply meet their quota and call it a day – they want to see greater competitiveness and productivity at every turn.

It’s important to highlight your own capacity for self-motivation. Nobody wants to hire an applicant that is overtly depressed, lackadaisical or unmotivated, so it’s important to put on your best face before approaching your next job interview. If possible, explain how your positive attitude has affected productivity in your past jobs. Solid facts and figures work well here, but even a simple estimate can be quite effective when trying to illustrate your ability to motivate yourself and those around you.


Automation Personnel Services has also noticed more manufacturers pushing for collaboration and teamwork on a day-to-day basis. While the manufacturing industry has always relied heavily on skilled individuals and groups alike, there seems to be a stronger emphasis on teamwork now than in past generations.

Make sure to demonstrate your ability to work within a team. Employers want to know you’ll be able to get along with their current roster and work alongside your peers, so lacking these skills could be a deal-breaker in some cases. If you were a team leader in one of your past roles, make sure to mention that, too. Not only does this set you apart from those who have only worked within team-based settings, but it shows your future employer you have what it takes to serve as a positive role model.

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