Hiring for the manufacturing industry is difficult. On one hand, many of the skills needed are either learned through schooling or training. Many employers even provide training to ensure the effectiveness of new recruits. In some cases, recruitment agencies – including Automation Personnel Services – even provide the necessary training.

But you can’t ignore a recruit’s profile altogether. Hiring with specific criteria in mind not only gives you metrics to separate qualified candidates from unqualified ones, but it can be useful if you decide to transition your temporary employee into a permanent role. Here are five skills to look for in manufacturing candidates:

  1. Interpersonal Communications

Communication is essential on the factory floor. Between working with teammates daily and reporting to supervisors, effective communication leads to greater productivity and safety across the board. Subsets of interpersonal communication include problem solving, decision making, negotiation and more.

  1. Multitasking

Most manufacturing roles also require the ability to multitask on a day-to-day basis. There are numerous roles on the factory floor, all of which need to be filled in order to maintain productivity. You might even move your employees from one station to the next – depending on current needs. As such, it’s important to find candidates who are able to fill multiple roles – sometimes within the same day – whenever it is needed.

  1. Prioritization

Strong skills in prioritization are also common in manufacturing. Nearly every rank – from the entry-level laborers all the way up to supervisors and managers – need to prioritize effectively. Between fluid deadlines, evolving project specifications, and increased customization throughout the manufacturing industry- full-time and temporary workers who know how to prioritize will always be in high demand.

  1. Information Technology

Skills in information technology, including proficiencies in both software and hardware, are essential in manufacturing today. As concerns grow over the rise of automation on the factory floor, top talent in the industry can secure their jobs by embracing technical services and skills in software programming and coding, hardware maintenance, and other similar areas.

  1. Team Leadership

Employees in manufacturing need to be effective and strategic team leaders, too. This is true even in entry-level positions, where general laborers can lead by example. Remember: Every employee has the potential to be a leader. The responsibility doesn’t fall solely on your supervisors and managers, so try to keep an eye out for new recruits who might be leadership material.

Finding Top Talent in Manufacturing

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in an employee, it’s time to interview some recruits and expand your workforce. The professionals at Automation Personnel Services are amongst the most skilled in the country when it comes to finding temporary workers and temp-to-hire laborers in a variety of areas, including plastics manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and more. Contact us today, or visit an Automation branch near you, to begin assembling your dream staff immediately!