Providing your employees with good benefits is one of the best ways of keeping them happy. Even if you’re working with staffing services or employees who are following the temp-to-hire path, introducing some key benefits can go a long in driving morale and decreasing turnover. But how do you know if you’re providing the right benefits? Look for the following signs:

  1. Are Your Employees Happy?

The happiness of your employees is the first sign that you are – or aren’t – providing the right benefits. Most skilled managers can easily spot the signs of a happy staff. Increased productivity, greater teamwork, and a willingness to take on additional assignments are all telltale signs of a happy workforce.

Conversely, employees who aren’t happy with their jobs are also easy to spot. They often show up late or miss shifts entirely, refuse to work with teammates, and aren’t responsive to the input of senior-level staff.

  1. Are You Attracting Top Talent?

You can tell how attractive your benefits package is by looking at the kind of talent you’re attracting. As the largest staffing firm in US, the professionals at Automation Personnel Services know what it takes to attract skilled and valuable employees.

Do you have more resumes to review than overall job openings? If so, you’re probably doing something right. On the other hand, if you have to advertise new job openings on a regular basis, or if the candidates you’re attracting just don’t match your needs, it might be time to re-evaluate and revise your benefits package.

  1. Are Your Employees Healthy?

As an employer, you should play an active role in the long-term health of your employees. Not only does it result in happier employees in the long run, but it could lead to decreased turnover and lower absenteeism, too.

Unhealthy workers are not productive workers. Not only do they miss out on work due to sick days, but those who try to work through their illness run the risk of passing their germs to others or even making their own condition worse. If your workers aren’t healthy, you might consider adding some health-oriented benefits, increased vacation time or additional sick days.

Benefits at Automation

Here at Automation, we provide a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to attract and retain top talent in nearly every industry. Our benefits package includes:

  • One week of paid vacation time;
  • A total of six paid holidays per year;
  • Health insurance billed at group rates;
  • 401(k) plan;
  • Professional career counseling;
  • Talent recognition programs;
  • Regular monetary bonuses;
  • Hands-on skills coaching and development;

As you can see, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed in the temp-to-hire market. This has been our goal ever since Stephen Nordness founded the company in 1990, and we’ll continue to serve your needs for years to come.

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