Let’s face it – there are leaders and there are followers. Not every employee is a natural born leader, and some have difficulty managing such responsibility even after training. But there are some traits to look for if you’re hiring with leadership in mind. Not only will these nuances tip you off to their potential as a leader, they’ll let you get to know the employee on a more personal level, too.

  1. They know how to take initiative.

It’s important your leaders know how to take initiative. Managing a team – regardless of the size – is no easy feat. Between delegating and assigning tasks, supervising individuals and monitoring performance, it’s a role that demands one’s full attention.

Make sure to take a note of any employees who are willing to take initiative – especially if they do so without you asking. Not only do these workers typically make good managers, they can be trusted to make sure all your goals are met and your targets are achieved.

  1. They constantly help their co-workers.

True leaders know their success depends on the performance of their subordinates. Moreover, an employee with managerial potential knows the manufacturing industry is a team-oriented profession. Keep an eye out for those who are willing to step up and help their co-workers, especially if they do so without compromising their own productivity. Those are the ones who you’ll want to consider for your next available leadership role.

  1. They often take on additional work.

Many employees like to fulfill their responsibilities and call it a day. This is especially true with temporary employees. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this attitude – as long as they maintain acceptable levels of productivity.

Those with a managerial disposition, however, know there is always more work to be accomplished. Whether it’s sweeping floors of a dusty factory, interacting with customers to ensure quality service, or working on the weekends to bolster output, your future managers make themselves noticed as much as possible – make sure you don’t ignore them.

  1. They have an eye for detail.

Workers with leadership potential typically produce highly accurate reports and quickly notice the mistakes of their teammates without dwelling on them. This type of employee makes a great manager for several different reasons. Not only do they provide a superior level of quality when compared to their co-workers, they actually improve the quality of those around them.

Spotting Managerial Potential

If you want to develop a current employee into a long-term leader in your company, it’s important to spot their potential as early as possible. Automation Personnel Services helps with this in several ways, including our comprehensive background verification, skills testing, and employee screening processes. For even more success when it comes to finding future leaders, look out for the traits mentioned above – they can make the process of staffing your ranks much easier. Contact us, today!