Temporary hires are an excellent solution when you need to hire someone fast or in a pinch. But, as we all know, being new can sometimes be a struggle. For starters, co-workers might not be as warm since they know the employee is a temporary worker. It could also be difficult for a new hire to match the performance of long-term permanent staff members and that might make the new hire doubtful. In cases like this, there are a few steps you can take to help ease them into their new roles.

Create a Temporary Onboarding Program

Nearly every company has a dedicated onboarding program for new employees. Similar to a training program, the onboarding period usually lasts from several days to a week. Not only does it give the employer the chance to introduce their new hire to the workplace and culture, it gives the new employee an opportunity to ask questions and become comfortable with their new surroundings.

An onboarding program that is solely for temporary hires would also be helpful to break the ice and show them the ropes of their new role. This lets you set clear expectations right from the start and opens the way for consistent communications with you and other employees.

Set Clear Expectations

It’s important to set clear expectations right from the start – especially when dealing with temporary hires. These employees are often utilized for a week or two, or during tight deadlines – it’s important they know what they’re doing as soon as they step foot in the workplace.

You can also take this time to inform them of any regular breaks, rules for communicating in the workplace and any other information that may apply. Again, setting clear expectations right from the start will help avoid confusion in the future.

Communicate Often

Make sure to communicate as much as possible with your temporary hires. It’s tempting to assign them to a position and leave them up to their duties – they’ll only be with your company for a short time anyway. However, this rarely results in the productivity you want.

Instead, monitor their progress on a day-by-day basis and provide professional guidance as necessary. You don’t have to spend all your time looking over their shoulders or reviewing all their work – but it’s a good idea to check in from time to time and make sure everything’s going smoothly.

Working with Automation

Here at Automation Personnel Services, we do our best to help ease temporary recruits into their new roles. As mentioned, we do screen employees based on their background and skills, offer training, and assist with onboarding. We also maintain our own standards and expectations when it comes to job performance – but we also want to make sure our employees match your expectations. Please keep us up-to-date on our employee’s progress and be open with any needs. After all, temporary recruits work better in collaborative environments that maintain open lines of communication wherever possible. Contact us, today!