We all know that it can be difficult to stay productive on a day-to-day basis. Whether we’re just too tired from fussy kids, we’re confused about new job responsibility, or Allergy season has taken its toll, we’ve all been there. It’s tough to gain any sort of recognition when our productivity levels aren’t up to par.

  1. Make a To-Do List:

    Spend a few minutes making a short to-do list that covers the biggest responsibilities of the day. Not only does this give you a clear plan to follow, you can insert smaller activities and projects as necessary.

  2. Get Enough Sleep:

    Most experts recommend six to eight hours of sleep each night, but everyone is different. Figure out a consistent sleep schedule that works for you and stick to it in order to ramp up your productivity for the next workday.

  3. Dress Appropriately:

    Always wear appropriate clothing for the work environment, including any required safety equipment. Some of this equipment is designed to maximize your productivity just as much as your personal safety.

  4. Eat Healthy:

    Although it might seem obvious to some, eating healthier meals will ultimately help you feel better and improve your productivity on a day-to-day basis.

  5. Stay Fit:

    Working out and staying fit is critical to maintaining productivity in a shop or factory environment. Although the job itself will keep you in shape, performing additional exercises at home and maintaining a consistent workout schedule will help boost your productivity to new heights.

  6. Get Along with Teammates:

    Try to get along with your teammates. If you’re stuck with someone who just gets on your nerves, contact your supervisor or human resources department to work out a solution – which may result in moving to another team. It’s better to relocate than to lose out on productivity.

  7. Work Smarter, Not Harder:

    It may be an old saying, but it still rings true today. Instead of using more elbow grease, work with your team to improve processes. You might be surprised at the results.

  8. Complete One Task at a Time:

    While some people are natural multitaskers, others work better when completing one task at a time.

  9. Eliminate Distractions:

    Turning off your cell phone, reviewing personal emails during breaks and saving small talk until your shift is over will all go a long way in boosting your daily productivity.

  10. Delegate Properly:

    If you’re in a managerial or supervisory role, work on your delegation skills to free up some of your time and maximize productivity.

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