It can be difficult to find reliable workers during the summer months as it’s a time filled with vacations and outings. If you’re having trouble keeping up with staffing demands during this time, consider the following tips and tricks to fill the seasonal gaps.

Cross-Train Your Current Employees

You might be able to look inward when trying to make up for summer staffing shortages. This strategy should only be considered if your staff isn’t overburdened or behind on their current responsibilities, but it can be a highly effective method when used correctly. Internal coverage is also a great way to set up your most valuable employees for further development and possible promotions down the line.

Those who are excellent communicators, for example, might perform well in sales or customer service. Natural leaders might work well in managerial or supervisory roles. Paying close attention to the individual strengths and weaknesses of your staff can help you gain control over a summer staffing shortage in no time at all.

Strengthen Your Recruitment Efforts

Take a step back and re-examine your current recruitment efforts. If necessary, have a colleague or third-party professional give you an outsider’s perspective. Identifying and correcting any shortcomings here can go a long way in attracting top talent on a consistent basis.

Partner With Community Resources

Make sure you’re utilizing all the available resources within your immediate community, too. This often involves a partnership with a local high school, college or other educational facility. School-to-work programs, apprenticeships and internships are all beneficial to your company as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

You might also consider hosting a fundraising event, trade show or seminar in your local community. Not only is this an excellent way to tap into your surrounding resources, it will help with your company’s overall visibility in the surrounding areas, too.

Utilize Temporary Workers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to fill that summer staffing shortage is to fall back on a contingent workforce. Depending on your area, temporary workers are usually available in abundance. They’re also available with varying skill and experience levels, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in a new recruit.

Working with Automation Personnel Services to Manage a Summer Staffing Shortage

If you do opt for temporary workers, consider giving the professionals at Automation Personnel Services a call. We have professionals standing by who are ready to meet your immediate staffing needs.