Job seekers spend so much time crafting the perfect resume they often overlook other elements that are essential to a successful interview – like their wardrobe. While some jobs don’t require such formal attire as a suit and tie, there’s still a fine line between what’s acceptable and what should be avoided at all costs.

You should always dress to impress your interviewer. Start by choosing your most professional outfit. At Automation Personnel Services, we know that all situations and budgets are different. You might not have a suit or dress. We just ask that recruits should come in appearing neat and presentable.

You might want to consider the following when dressing for an interview:


As mentioned, we certainly don’t require a suit and tie at Automation. However, we do expect you to maintain a professional appearance. Applicants should avoid wearing anything with images or language that could be deemed offensive. When in doubt, default to plain clothing without logos or branding.


 You want to feel confident and smile- not be self-conscious during your interview.  Remember to brush your teeth before showing up to the interview and, if necessary, carry a mint or stick of gum for later. Presenting your best self, freshly showered, is always a great first impression.


Again, we don’t have a strict policy that covers the individual hairstyle – we try to let our recruits express their creative side whenever possible. That said, please keep it professional and try to avoid having your hair cover your face or becoming a distraction during the interview.


Personal wardrobe accessories are left up to your preference. While it’s best to turn off your cell phone during the interview, wearable accessories like watches, necklaces and even earrings are generally fine – as long as they don’t cause a distraction to you or anyone else.

How to Dress for an Interview with Automation Personnel Services

As you can see, we try to keep it as relaxed as possible while still maintaining a professional environment. Since most of our jobs fall within the light industrial sector, many of the employers we work with share a similar outlook. For more information on the topic, or to get started with Automation right away, contact us today!