If your company has been around for more than 10 years, you’re likely using an outdated onboarding process that might be hurting your overall recruitment process. Unnecessarily long or monotonous trial periods, endless amounts of paperwork and a lack of IT automation are some common pitfalls in today’s onboarding processes – but there are some steps you can take to avoid these mistakes and strengthen your recruitment efforts.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

Modern technology offers a lot of functionality that simply wasn’t available 10 or 20 years ago. From automatically filling out paperwork to prescreening applicants for specific roles, computers are used to supplement recruitment in a variety of ways.

Revise the Employee Handbook

Some recruits are immediately turned off by inaccurate or outdated handbooks. In many cases, these handbooks are produced once and never updated again. Not only does this affect the relevancy of the information within the handbook, it gives the impression you don’t care enough about your employees to keep them updated and informed. You can avoid these issues simply by revising the employee handbook on a monthly or yearly basis.

Facilitate Self-Learning Whenever Possible

Today’s employees like to learn new concepts on their own. While there are some skills that must be taught, others can be learned and refined through simple self-study or regular skills practice. As such, try to designate some of the onboarding process to self-learning and skills development. Not only does this give the new recruit enough time to become comfortable with their new surroundings, it lets them sharpen skills that may have gone by the wayside during their time off.

Monitor the Onboarding Process and Compare it to Previous Results

Make sure to track and monitor the success of your new onboarding process. For best results, compare it against the stats of your previous onboarding processes. Are your recruits performing better or worse after the change? Are they working cohesively or having difficulty getting along with others? Questions like this provide great benchmarks for gauging the effectiveness of any new onboarding processes you introduce.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process With Automation

The professionals at Automation can help you streamline your onboarding and recruitment process in various ways. Not only we do prescreen all our recruits, we also offer skills training and career counseling meant to strengthen their profiles and make the most of their abilities. Contact us today to start making new connections immediately!


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