As with every rising generation, you may see millennials as a different breed than the generations that came before. Although they’re often the target of offhanded jokes or undue criticism, they truly have a lot to offer the modern workforce. In order to make the most their skills, it might be necessary to change your approach when interacting with your staff.

  1. Keep it simple.

    Millennials aren’t into gimmicks. Instead, they typically prefer companies that are upfront, honest and concise at all times.

  2. Ditch the email campaigns.

    There was a time when cold email campaigns were the hot trend in marketing, but they’ve been all but abandoned in favor of other, more efficient strategies.

  3. Show your interest.

    If you find a millennial candidate you’re interested in, take action and show your interest as soon as possible. Failure to react in a timely manner might cause you to miss out on a great opportunity.

  4. Respect generational differences. Remember – there are some notable differences between millennials, Generation Z, and Generation


    In order to make the most out of any professional relationship, it’s critical you treat these employees like individuals.

  5. Maintain flexibility.

    Millennials also crave flexibility. This is especially true when it comes to areas like day-to-day scheduling, career development and compensation.

  6. Utilize social media.

    Take advantage of social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook as much as possible. With so many professionals maintaining an active presence on either site, it’s easy to find top talent in your industry with just a few clicks of your mouse or a simple profile search.

  7. Communicate efficiently.

    Try to maintain constant contact with your millennial and Gen Z applicants, especially during the recruitment process. If they feel they’re being ignored or overlooked in any way, they’re bound to move on.

  8. Keep them interested and engaged.

    Instead of focusing entirely on the workplace and their day-to-day jobs, try to engage your millennial workers in other ways. Sharing new ideas, encouraging them to share their own, and building a sense of community is critical to success when working with millennials.

  9. Use fresh and innovative marketing solutions.

    Job descriptions are often boring to write and equally tedious to read. Try to spice it up a little by getting creative. Don’t be afraid to use other forms of multimedia – like video, to advertise your company’s job openings.

  10. Provide immediate gratification.

    Try to give your millennials instant gratification whenever possible. Even if it’s just to confirm you’ve received their correspondence, it’s important to let them know you’re available and willing to communicate.

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