Here at Automation Personnel Services, we’ve been maintaining a highly engaging and informative blog for several years. With information catering to employers and employees alike – including temporary workers and temp-to-hire workers – we’ve covered a lot of different topics as of late. Here are the top blogs of 2018.

What Are the Current Trends in Drug Testing in Staffing?

This post highlights the most recent and common trends involving the drug screening process and staffing agencies like Automation. Not only does it cover the general rules, regulations, and policies, but it also discusses some of the outside factors that affect drug screening policies in the 21st century.

Top Skills for Automotive Professionals This Year

As automotive technicians are still in high demand, the automotive sector is an attractive option for many job seekers. This article covers the most sought-after skills in the industry today, as well as some general tips you can use to increase your chances of landing a job.

What Can Your Business Do to Increase Retention of Night Shift Employees?

Geared toward managers, supervisors and company leaders, this post talks about the value of night shift employees in general and some techniques to strengthen staff retention. Common solutions involve increasing pay or benefits, recognizing your valuable employees in a public setting, and playing off the strengths of all your employees.

4 Benefits That Show Manufacturing Is an Awesome Career

With the availability of jobs in industries like information technology, aerospace, and more, some manufacturers are struggling to attract and retain qualified workers. However, there are some key benefits to working in the manufacturing industry – including its economic contributions and the potential for future career development.

What Do You Do After the Job Assignment Is Over?

Given the temporary nature of many jobs offered through Automation, it’s critical our readers know how to proceed once their job is over. This article outlines these steps in great detail – including some tips on how you can express your gratitude and provide your feedback on specific assignments.

Working With Automation Personnel Services in 2019 and Beyond

Our blog has been a popular mainstay of our website for quite some time – and we’ll continue to use it for news, updates and tips in 2019 and beyond. Whether you’ve used our services in the past, currently work with our team, or just appreciate the advice, make sure to stay tuned for even more exciting and informative content in the future. Contact us today for more information!


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