Preparing to enter a brand new job or embark on a whole new career is a daunting task. Between the questions surrounding your short- and long-term finances to an ever-evolving job market, the stress of starting from scratch is enough to affect even the most determined of applicants. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take – side-by-side with the professionals at Automation Personnel Services – in order to ensure you’re ready to take on the future.

Getting Started

Remember: our goal is finding you a job. Above all else, we strive to connect all our recruits with genuine, reputable and worthwhile opportunities that meet your exact specifications. It doesn’t matter if you’re a jack-of-all-trades with a diversified skill set or new to the workforce entirely – we’re here to help you.

To get started, simply hit the “Apply Now” button our website. You’ll immediately be given access to our comprehensive database of available jobs, which is fully searchable and easily navigated. Once there, you can choose to sign up for a new account, sign into your existing profile or upload your resume. It’s as easy as that!

Choosing the Career That’s Right for You

Because we have access to such a large pool of employers and job opportunities, you should have no problem finding a role in your chosen industry or area of expertise. We currently have openings available in:

  • Light industrial
  • Technical
  • Contact / Call Center
  • Manufacturing
  • Skilled and general labor
  • Automotive

Pursuing a High-Level Career With Automation

Our traditional recruitment process is ideal for entry-level applicants and those who are starting to make their presence known in the workforce. However, this only describes a portion of our job seekers. We understand that many of you are continuing a career that spans several decades, and we have a specialized process for you that specifically targets high-level jobs – both permanent and temporary.

Maintaining Your Career With the Help of Automation Personnel Services

Whether you’re looking for a temporary gig to make ends meet, trying to make a complete career change, or just exploring the job market for the first time, Automation can help you realize your goals and achieve your dreams. Contact us today for more information and to get started right away!


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