The age-old mantra, “it’s not personal, it’s just business,” has been tossed around far too often and for too many years. Many managers have used this phrase in the past – whether it’s true or not – to absolve themselves in a myriad of different situations. Whether it’s used in discipline and termination or as an excuse for choosing someone else for the job – the phrase is just outdated, clunky and uninformative.

Promoting Emotional Detachment

For starters, the phrase promotes emotional detachment from the job. It encourages your employees to assume the business mindset at all times. While this may have been acceptable in the past, and is still a valuable asset in certain scenarios, today’s business world is more about teamwork, collaboration and creativity – none of which are possible if your entire staff is emotionally detached from their jobs.

Serving as a Barrier to Human Connection

With so much focus and emphasis placed on forging employee bonds and strengthening the customer experience, the phrase simply no longer has a place among mainstream businesses that cater to the average consumer.

Demonstrating a lack of loyalty

Employees want to work for an employer that is loyal to them – and they’ll typically show dedication and loyalty in return. Reiterating the fact that all decisions are based purely on their benefit to the business – even if it’s true – will only drive away the valuable, loyal employees you already have.

Working With Automation Personnel Services

The experts at Automation understand the difficulties and nuances of managing a staff. While we are fully aware of the professional dynamics between a business, its managers, and its employees, it doesn’t hurt to cultivate a sense of personal connection across the board. Not only will it result in a happier workforce, it also helps drive productivity, increase morale and strengthen customer service on a long-term basis.


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