Automation Q&A: Maria G. Gonzalez Tovar


In this Automation Q&A, we meet Maria Maria G. Gonzalez Tovar, Warehouse Associate working out of Automation Personnel Services West Houston Branch. Maria came to Automation by referral from a former supervisor at another local company. Maria is a favorite at the Automation office and among her coworkers at her current job location. This is her story in her own words.

How did you hear about Automation Personnel Services?

I heard about Automation Personnel Services from my ex-supervisor Marvin while working for A-Rocket.

Why did you choose Automation Personnel Services to help you with your job search?

I had heard from other colleagues at work, about Automation’s services, their professional staff, and that they truly do care.

What was the interview experience like?

The interview went well, they walk me through the process and explain everything I needed to know to be on board.

How were you treated by the Automation staff?

I can honestly say that they are great listeners, who understood my need and treated me with respect. base on my working needs.

What do you like most about your job?

What I most like about my job is, being able to work with a great team who cares about me.

What are your goals, and how is the staff at Automation helping you achieve them?

My goals are to be able to learn new things here, with hopes that one day I can advance in the company. The Automation staff has helped by placing me in a working place where I know I can grow.

Would you recommend Automation Personnel Service to a friend and, if so, why?

Honesty yes, I would highly recommend Automation Personnel Services. To friends, family because I know that they would be in good hands. With a company that does care for others.

Any final thoughts?

 I am forever grateful, for the staff in West Houston.

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