Why We Need To Work


Much has been written and even more spoken in the last 14 months about the lack of workers to fill essential job vacancies. As painful as this process has been it has taught us to pay closer attention to the phenomenon. It has also spurred employers to offer additional incentives to those willing to work. For instance, staffing agencies are offering sign-on bonuses and bonuses for length of service. The company who refuses to recruit is falling behind. That means opportunity for the ambitious worker. But money isn’t the only motivating factor when it comes to working. Here are a few reasons why we need to work.

Patience & Perseverance

The easiest way to get ahead right now is to simply show up. Companies are reporting large percentages of candidates who fail to show up for the interview. Being dependable is half the battle.  And the longer you stay with it, the more skills you learn. Learning how to do things others don’t know how to do is a quick way to more money. This all seems very simple yet the statistics show that the job turnover rate in under a year is extremely high. Okay, so the job is not great. And the pay is not great either. Ask yourself this: If I stay a few more days will it help me learn something I can use later? Remember, you can always quit, but you can’t un-quit.

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You Own Your Future

Anthony Robbins says that to have more control over what you do, you first must accept the reality of where you are now. Then face your fears and make your plan. Gaining control over our destiny is another reason why we need to work. It helps us build a foundation. It allows us to make our own choices. It doesn’t always buy us a mansion on a hill but it gives us a way to keep changing and growing.  “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Purpose & Meaning

Work can be boring. Especially work that requires the same tasks over and over again.  Rebecca Knight offers several ideas to help find meaning in a job that feels meaningless. Seek out your coworkers, offer more assistance, and plan for the future (in another job if necessary). Knowing we can do something well and earn money for our effort is a self-reward. Working with others and accomplishing tasks gives us satisfaction. We meet people at work, we share in their lives. We learn from them, we teach them. Binding together for a common purpose is yet another reason why we need to work.

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