Passive job seekers are the most difficult kind of job seekers to recruit. For starters, their very nature means they’re not actively looking for a job. In fact, the term is often used to describe candidates who are already employed with another company.

But this doesn’t mean they’re not open to bigger and better opportunities. In this case, it’s up to you to showcase your company’s value and convince them to switch sides. Although this is often easier said than done, there are several tips you can use to increase your chances for success.

Working on Your Brand

Passive job seekers are more likely to accept a job offer if the company aligns with their personal values and goals. In fact, some will gladly make the transition if they feel it helps them further their own mission – even if it means taking a minor pay cut.

In general, most people want to work in an environment that is fun, innovative and collaborative. Developing your brand with values like this will also help you win over some of your competition.

Utilizing Employee Referrals

Employee referrals remain one of the most effective strategies when trying to recruit passive job seekers. In this case, candidates might actually approach you – despite their passive nature.

To maximize these opportunities, establish a dedicated employee referral program and use it to provide your staff with incentives. Not only will this give you access to passive job seekers you would have otherwise missed, but they’re more likely to get along with their new co-workers if they already have a friend on the job.

Specifically Targeting Passive Job Seekers

Finally, make sure you are targeting passive job seekers through the right channels and with the right tactics. Take advantage of social media – including sites like LinkedIn and Facebook – as job seekers often maintain their profiles long after securing employment. Publishing frequent blogs on your own website – like this one – is another proven method for building strong relationships with your target audience and, specifically, targeting passive job seekers.

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