The summer months are all wrapped up and despite the warm weather, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Automation Personnel Services knows this is a busy time for staffing services and recruiting agencies across the nation. Not only does it demand flexible staffing solutions, it calls for increased attention to the health and wellness of your employees, too.

  1. Give Health-Related Gifts

If you feel like rewarding your full-time or temporary workers by distributing gifts, make sure they focus on healthy living. Automation Personnel Services recommends any of the following gift ideas:

  • High-tech gadgets: There are plenty of options in high-tech, health-oriented gadgetry on the market. From wearable devices to online subscription services, feel free to get creative with your choice.
  • Traditional options: Weight sets, home exercise equipment and even healthy food platters are all great choices.

Remember: make sure to give your employees realistic and affordable gifts. While a large corporation can afford to distribute the latest in high-tech gadgets, startup businesses and enterprises will have to adjust accordingly.

  1. Organize Healthy Activities Around the Workplace

You don’t have to spend money on gifts to make an impact on your employees’ health. Investing in the comfort, accessibility and safety in the workplace can go a long way, especially during the Holiday season.

Encouraging the use of supportive devices, like standing desks, ergonomic keyboards and gel mouse pads is a good start, but you might be surprised at the effectiveness of weekly or daily exercise classes in the workplace. You might even consider trying yoga!

  1. Promote Healthy Eating at Home and on the Job

Holiday cookies, crackers and cheese packages are a common gift, and they’re affordable enough to hand out to temporary workers. Unfortunately, they’re not always the healthiest options. If you choose to distribute such gifts, try to balance them with healthy food options in and around the workplace.

Host a healthy potluck. Annual potlucks are a great way to instill a sense of family and community within the workplace. Large gatherings like this are also the ideal platform for providing healthy options and promoting healthier living in general.

Draw attention to healthy dining options in the area. This is a great way to help the businesses in your community while also protecting the health of your permanent and temporary employees. You might even be able to forge a partnership with a local restaurant or grocer.

Maintaining the Health of Your Employees Throughout the Holidays

We’ll be wrapped up in the holiday season for the next couple of months, but you can start taking steps to protect the health of your employees right now. Not only will it ensure productivity in the coming months, but it might mean the difference between meeting holiday demand or missing out on much-needed profits.

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