Automation Personnel Services Wins Safety Award


Automation Personnel Services Inc. has earned the Safety Standard of Excellence® mark from the National Safety Council with the American Staffing Association for 2021.

Automation Personel Services first won this award in 2019, retaining the award with its highest score ever in 2021, a testament to the company’s dedication to the safety and well-being of all its employees. The Safety Standard of Excellence mark (SSE), is a national program developed by the National Safety Council (NSC) along with the American Staffing Association (ASA). A rigorous and randomized safety audit evaluated the Memphis and Pelham Branches with one day at the Corporate office going through policies and initiatives and unveiled our continuous commitment to promoting worker safety.

“Automation Personnel Services is one of only 23 staffing companies in the United States to earn this award and maintain it,” says Tim Lee, Safety Manager for Automation Personnel Services. “Not all staffing companies have the same policies, resources, or commitment to safety as Automation Personnel Services. Our customers have access to a team of experts to help navigate all matters related to a safe workplace. Benefits of the program include risk consulting, guidance related to injury and illness prevention, design and implementation of the complementary Safety Smart behavioral-based safety program, and assistance in incident investigation.”

The manufacturing sector has the second-highest number of work-related illnesses annually, while transportation and warehousing have the second-highest incidence rate of injury and illness. These numbers demonstrate just how deeply safety impacts industrial companies and why creating a safety culture is good for business.


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