Although some jobseekers are hesitant to accept part-time or temporary positions, the act of doing so can actually be detrimental to your career in the long run. Not only are employers looking for workers who are able to show up on a day-to-day basis, but, in some cases, they are looking to secure talent from their biggest competitors. Temporary assignments can provide a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain initial experience in your chosen industry or profession.

Temp Positions Show Determination

First and foremost, temporary assignments demonstrate the fact that you are self-motivated and determined to succeed in today’s workforce. By taking the attitude that no job is beneath you, including temporary roles, you are able to accentuate your desire and willingness to adapt. Moreover, those who currently maintain temporary employment won’t have to suffer the added stress of looking for a job without having anything to fall back on.

Chance for Permanency and Progression

Some part-time and temporary positions will eventually lead to full-time employment. While this can’t be said for every temp job, there are a number of factors that may turn a temporary position into a permanent opportunity. Increased production demands, employee turnover and even your own success and productivity at the position can all play a part in transforming that part-time or temp job into a profitable career.

New Networking Opportunities

Some jobseekers, particularly those who are new to the labor force, find that temporary jobs present a great environment for career-oriented networking. Not only does it give a jobseeker firsthand exposure to the industry, but it provides a venue for connecting with industry peers, managers and executives within a structured and professional environment.

Find Your Niche

Temporary assignments can also be used in order to find the role that works best for you. Those who are new to the workforce may be unsure of how to jumpstart their career, while others are simply unaware of the options that are available to them. In either case, temporary positions are a great way to apply the skills and expertise that you do have while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to establish your career path as well as your plans for future progression and development.

Gain New Skills

Individuals who are interested in gaining new skills, or even refining those that they currently possess, can utilize temporary employment in order to do so.  Not only will this give you the opportunity to develop a broad skillset of real-world skills, but temporary assignments can also be used to maintain knowledge and proficiency in the skills that you already have.

Pad Your Resume

Finally, temporary assignments can, and should, be listed on your resume. While it’s important to differentiate between temporary and permanent positions on the document itself, listing the temporary positions that you have held in the past is a great way to fill out your resume. Moreover, the myriad of skills that you’ve picked up through your various assignments can all be highlighted on the resume for perusal by potential employers and hiring managers.

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