If you’ve been in the temporary workforce for any amount of time, you’ve likely worked n several different roles to date. Even if you specialize in one specific discipline, you’ve probably been assigned to several different employers by now. After all, this is the nature of temporary employment. Most staffing and temp-to-hire agencies, including Automation Personnel Services, already understand this fact.

But other employers might be turned off by an applicant who’s held numerous jobs within a short period of time. If you find yourself facing such an employer, it might be helpful to offer an explanation of your job history. Apart from minimizing any concerns on behalf of your potential employer, this is also useful when building a working relationship with your future supervisors and managers.

Trying Out Different Careers

Many job applicants are simply trying out new and different careers. This is perfectly fine and acceptable, and it’s actually becoming more and more common. With so many new opportunities in the workforce, the professionals at Automation understand the urge to try out different disciplines. How else are you supposed to find the job that’s right for you?

Switching Jobs Because of Bad Bosses

Others are forced to switch jobs on account of bad bosses. While this is a perfectly fine explanation, too many incidents might be cause for concern. This isn’t a big issue if you’re only talking about one or two jobs, but any more than that will certainly raise some red flags. In this case, it might be time for you to re-evaluate your expectations, attitude or both.

Personal Issues

Sometimes life simply gets in the way of our careers. This is especially true if you’ve recently switched jobs or taken time off to raise a family or to relocate. In this case, you only have to reveal as much as you’re comfortable with. While it is important to explain any gaps or job switches, some things can certainly remain private. If an employer or staffing agency doesn’t respect your right to privacy, you might want to continue your job search elsewhere.

Focusing on Skills Instead of Jobs

Candidates who hold several jobs in a short period of time also face issues when it comes to writing their resumes. Such documents might be too confusing or too long to be of any real value in the job search. In this case, we recommend you opt for a skills-based resume instead of the traditional approach. Not only does this put an emphasis on your actual skill set and career achievements thus far, it’s a great format if you’re trying to downplay the many different jobs you’ve had throughout the years.

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