While the first day on a new job can be a stressful experience, proactive employees always do their best to adapt. Making a strong and memorable first impression to as many of your new peers as possible, is necessary in order to ensure a successful job assignment. With that in mind, we’re providing a shortlist of four things that you should do on your first day at any job within the light industrial or manufacturing sectors.

  1. Show Up Early

You’ll want to avoid showing up too early, as punctuality is still important, so showing up to the job a few minutes ahead of time is usually sufficient. Not only will this early arrival give you a little bit of time to become acquainted with your new co-workers and your surroundings, but it may let you get a head start on any training or orientation processes that may be required prior to your shift.  We recommend showing up about 15 minutes early for a new assignment.

  1. Show Respect To Everyone You Meet

This holds true for every employee you meet in the organization. Apart from being good professional courtesy, respecting those who were hired before you is crucial when trying to prove yourself in today’s team-structured workplace. You never know who may have seniority or even popularity within the workforce. Disrespecting the wrong person could come back to haunt you in ways that you never even imagined.

  1. Ask Questions and Learn As Much As Possible

While you obviously possess the skills and knowledge needed for the job at hand, it’s important to keep in mind a new job is a learning process. Make sure that you are receptive of any new concepts, ideas or strategies, particularly those that involve proprietary manufacturing processes. Certain rules, regulations or standards tend to vary greatly between manufacturing plants, and even those within the same industry may use a different set of guidelines on a day-to-day basis.

If you find that a specific process is different than what you are used to, you’ll want to make a point of this with your supervisor as soon as possible. Not only does this avoid any potential issues with productivity in the future, but it could prevent any embarrassing or problematic situations from happening.

  1. Maintain Established Office Routines

Furthermore, it’s important to adhere to any established routines within the workplace, including those around the office, lunchroom and other facilities. These are practices that have previously been agreed upon, either by management or by the employees themselves, and the last thing you want to do here is to try and step on anyone’s toes.

For example, break times and lunches are often assigned or scheduled to ensure there is no disruption in production and that all areas of the facility are manned at all times. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to bring it up to your supervisor or the onsite Automation representative.

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