What started as a small-scale site for uploading and hosting personal videos has quickly expanded into a full-fledged media platform – and YouTube shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But the content found among the millions of online videos isn’t limited to popular media and entertainment. In fact, there are plenty of resources for job seekers, too.


Did you know LinkedIn has a YouTube channel, too? Just as you might expect, it’s full of videos that offer career guidance, job coaching, interview tips and more. Subscribe to their channel today to stay up to day with their latest videos as soon as they’re released.

The Interview Guys

While they don’t have as many subscribers as LinkedIn’s channel, The Interview Guys – Jeff and Mike – have a series of popular videos that offer great tips to help you navigate the interview process. Additionally, they have complementary videos that offer resume creation tips and more!

Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier is a longtime career coach and strategist – and she’s recently taken to YouTube to offer her own helpful tips and tricks regarding career development, job interviews, and resume writing. It’s a popular channel on the platform, with nearly 500,000 subscribers, and it’s growing every day.

Career Contessa

A channel that’s still in its infancy, Career Contessa features many different tips, hacks and pointers that you can use during your next interview. Some of their additional content provides guidance for surviving stressful workdays, getting along with co-workers, and maximizing your productivity on the job.

Brian Krueger

Brian Krueger’s YouTube channel has been around for quite some time. In fact, many of his videos were available long before the mainstream success of YouTube. While this means some of his advice and guidance is outdated, there are still plenty of relevant interview tips that cover everything from wardrobe selection to resume etiquette.

How Automation Personnel Services Can Help You

If you’re having difficulty navigating the job-seeking process, contact the experts at Automation Personnel Services today. Not only can we help you find a job in your area, we also offer career guidance and coaching that will ensure you’re on the right path to a successful future.


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