By Loyd McIntosh
Marketing Manager

Three years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies throughout the nation continue to experience a crippling talent shortage. As many manufacturers, logistics firms, and other industrial companies struggle to fill critical positions, it is more important than ever to explore new ways to find and entice talent to jobs in today’s unprecedented job market. Here are five ways to help your company attract job seekers to manufacturing. 

Use multiple recruiting channels

The days of posting jobs on Indeed and waiting for the applications to flow in are over. As of this writing, the U.S. Unemployment Rate stands at just over 3 percent while a record 60 percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs. In other words, there are more open positions than there are people looking for work.

To reach a wider pool of candidates, use different recruiting channels in addition to the online job boards. Social media, employee referral programs, job fairs, and partnerships with nonprofit organizations, community colleges, and other job training resources are great avenues to help attract job seekers to manufacturing roles. 

Promote your company’s culture

A Glassdoor survey taken before the COVID-19 pandemic discovered that 56 percent of respondents believe company culture is more important than salary regarding job satisfaction across all sectors. 

Manufacturing jobs are challenging, so promoting a positive company culture to potential candidates is essential. In your recruiting efforts, highlight your company’s values, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement to uncover candidates who align with your values and attract job seekers to manufacturing.

Streamline the application process 

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), an incredible 92 percent of candidates never complete an online application. Furthermore, a recent audit also reported by SHRM estimated the average online application process at almost five minutes with an average of 51 clicks needed to get through the application.

While that might not seem like an excessively long amount of time, keep in mind it wasn’t that long ago that the typical job application process involved attaching a resume to an email and pushing “send.” 

To attract job seekers to manufacturing jobs, keep the application process straightforward and easy to follow. Provide clear instructions, use an applicant tracking system to keep track of candidates’ progress, and respond to every application. 

Invest in training and development 

Many open positions in the industrial sector are entry-level jobs requiring little experience or mid-tier jobs requiring specific technical skills. However, as employees spend more time in their jobs, the desire to learn and grow intensifies. 

One of the key culprits in employee turnover is stagnation. A recent study showed that 38 percent of exiting employees saw growth and development opportunities at their companies, and only 45 percent said their job aligned with their career goals.

Consider offering training and development programs to help attract job seekers to manufacturing. Adding training and development can help increase retention rates and build loyalty among employees.

In conclusion, to attract job seekers to manufacturing jobs, companies need to explore new and creative ways to find and entice potential candidates. Using multiple recruiting channels, promoting company culture, streamlining the application process, and investing in training and development are all effective strategies to attract job seekers to manufacturing. 

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