Standing out in an interview can help you increase your chances of getting the job you want. A job interview is not only an opportunity to talk about your experience and skills but also an audition in which you are being stacked up with other candidates. Here are some points of advice to help you stand out during an interview. 

Do your research

Perhaps nothing turns a potential employer off more than an applicant who doesn’t know anything about the company. Some research shows that 47% of recruiters reject candidates that have limited knowledge of the company they’re applying to work for.

Of course, there is no way to learn everything about a potential, however, taking the time to do some research on the company’s products and/or service, its mission statement, and its history can help you stand out during an interview.

Watch Your Body Language

Some studies show that only 7% of communication is verbal. During an interview, that means that 93% of what your potential employer is learning about you – and forming an opinion – is coming from signals other than what you are saying. 

To stand out during an interview, pay close attention to your body language. Are you slouching in your chair or sitting up straight? Are you looking around the room or making eye contact? Are you smiling or displaying your resting cranky face? Is your handshake firm and authoritative or more like a dead fish? Maintaining good body language can help your chances of landing the job in the long run.

Discuss Genuine Weaknesses

One of the moments that can derail an interview more than any other is when your potential employer asks you about your weaknesses. The question is asked in almost every interview, yet it’s one of the easiest for an otherwise great candidate to fumble. The key is to honestly prepare for the question now. 

The best approach is to admit an area in which you struggle and highlight steps you have already taken to address it. If empathy is an issue for you, discuss a real-world example of where you discovered this weakness and how you’re working to improve. 

Lastly, avoid those critical answers that are humble brags in disguise, such as “I care too much,” or “Sometimes, I’m just too passionate.” A hiring manager can see those answers coming a mile away. Showing self-awareness and a willingness to improve are great ways to stand out during an interview.

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Ask Questions

Of course, the majority of time spend in a typical job interview involves the job seeker answering questions from a prospective employer. However, asking a few intelligent questions of your own can help a recruiter gauge your interest in the position, your confidence level, and whether the company will be a good match for your experience and skills. 

During your interview, ask a mix of job-related questions, company-culture questions, and closing questions. Some sample questions include:

• What are the factors you use to determine the right person for this job?

• What goals do you expect the person who takes this job to achieve during their first 30, 60, and 90 days?

• Do you have any concerns about my fitness for the position that I could address?

Asking good questions can help you stand out during an interview.

Dress Appropriately

Showing up for a job in proper attire is a must, even if you’re applying for a blue-collar job that allows you to wear t-shirts and jeans on the job. Arriving for your interview nicely dressed can demonstrate pride in your work to a potential employer and show that you understand the importance of first impressions.  

Additionally, having a few nice pieces for a job interview doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some ways to dress for success on a budget and help you stand out during an interview.

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